Friday, 25 September 2009

Happy Weekend

I love bed.

The best place in the world for me to be is my bed. It does good things to me & I am at my best in bed.

I haven't seen it a lot this week & I have been seriously sleep deprived. In the war, malnutritioned soldiers would fantasise about food & it would take up most of their daily thoughts. When the war was over and food was no longer scarce, they would gorge on food & showed traits found in people with eating disorders. I have missed you bed. I would like to gorge on sleep this weekend.
I get up at 4am most mornings to organise previous days orders & work before my little girl wakes at 9 - which is when my day really starts. This week She's been poorly so have been up in the night too.
I would love to be here. Have you ever taken your duvet outside to the garden in Winter & wrapped up with a hot coffee...? You should it's a good feeling.
I love bed linen shopping. Mine's a crisp white cotton Julien Macdonald spread with crystals. In fantasy land this is my dream bed. I imagine the person that sleeps in this bed wakes up looking beautiful.
I recently bought some goose/duck feather duvet & pillow cases which has done my desire to sleep no favours. In reality this is my dream bed. This weekend sleep is most definitely on the agenda. Happy Weekend xx

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