Thursday, 24 September 2009

Cool Wallpaper - Idea

I came across this clever use of paint work by eklektick. to display art pieces or drawings in your very own home gallery.

You can buy wallpaper like this but eklektick has saved their pennies and painted these fab frames on their wall. What a clever idea!

This got me thinking... I love this effect but as I can't paint my walls I started thinking about a temporary alternative to achieve a similar look. Then it dawned.... VINYL!

After a search I came across these which are my favourites. From i love retro these black, silver & mirrored vinyl picture frame wall stickers for £14.95 for the set.

And for a little colour and a bargain price at £6.95 for the set these coloured vinyl photo frame wall stickers from the dot com gift shop. For those who aren't arty, can't paint their walls... go vinyl.

Your very own home art gallery for a bargain price.

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