Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Bank Holiday Weekend

I love Bank Holidays. Mine was spent doing housey things: hoovering, polishing, mowing the lawn etc etc. Spending time with Lilly & Si. Then on Sunday we went to Ba55ment where my Si was DJing. I love photography & although i'm not good yet, I'm learning. I took some pictures on a basic Olympus digital camara on auto night settings and the results were surprisingly ok.

I'm not a camera snob but am spoiled by my Nikon D60 which takes the best pictures. It's quite bulky and not suitable for taking out so we use the Olympus. I played with some basic photoshop lighting effects for a edgier look. Next time, I will be taking some pictures on the Nikon at his next outing at Sankeys, Manchester, UK to compare.

He's just starting out, but our Friends have all been brilliant in supporting him & coming to the last few nights he's had (at their expense) which is amazing & more than you could ask from a set of Friends. Thank you Matt, Chadders, Natalie et al. My Mum as always has been brilliant looking after Lilly on the last 3 nights too. Big love xx

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