Friday, 18 September 2009

Happy 'Special' Weekend - My Baby's First Birthday

Saturday 19th September is my little girls first ever birthday & we have a lovely weekend planned. On the Saturday morning we'll eat scrambled eggs on toast then open pressies. Lot's of empty boxes wrapped in tissue paper & bright ribbons for her to explore, followed by a friends party at an activity play centre.

Sunday we're having family over for cupcakes & tea for a little gathering.

I was never really a baby person & during my pregnancy & wondered whether I'd be any good at being a mum and whether we would instantly bond. The first time I saw her I cried. She didn't. She just looked into my eyes with her big black eyes full of wonder... and I fell in love. I fell head over heels and have been ever since.

To my baby girl Lilly, I love you very much & I will always be here for you through good and bad. I'll be here to kiss you goodnight, laugh at silly things & remind you that every spill is cleanup-able.

Have a happy weekend xx

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