Thursday, 3 September 2009

Brand New Website Look

The greetings card side of the website has had a face lift during August. I hope you like it...? The main feature being it's all new shopping cart hosted by Roman Cart
It has sooo many benefits to the customer:

1. It has a more cleaner feel to it and so is more user friendly.

2. It has an integrated shopping cart as opposed to having to be directed away from the cart to PayPal's cart making it seamless & speedier.

3. It also shows whats in the customers basket on the top of every page (I love this) along with their sub-total.

4. It saves the customers checkout info (if they choose it to) name, address etc & billing info so they do not have to fill it in each time they shop with us.

5. It allows the customer to add promotional codes, discounts and offers at the checkout (which is a little treat for the customer). We will be giving out our first ever promo code for 20% off in our next newsletter (for subscribers only) to celebrate the launch of the new website. Subscribe here

So all in all we're in love. Hope you like it too. We've looked at this website too much & no longer see any errors, typo's etc so if you happen to see any, please do let me know. I will be eternally grateful (Thanks Marsha!!! ;-) xx

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