Tuesday, 11 May 2010

This Blog Has Moved

We have moved this blog to here. We will update the new blog as usual with posts as normal. See you there! The New Made With Love Blog (it pretty much looks the same but has some new nifty features)

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Barbiefoot.... kitsch

This is like something I've never seen before! Crazy but so very cool & I really really want one. I could just see the Made With Love logo on the side. Ahhh idea! Found over at the Bodie & Fou Blog

Sunday, 2 May 2010

How To Create A Signature For Emails With Your Company Logo or Images

There just hasn't been the time to learn how to set a fancy signature up for Made With Love. But I'm pleased to say that it's easy peasy. Saturday nights in on your own can prove very productive if not a little lonely!
Instructions from Web Developers Notes on how to set an email signature up with your company logo using Windows Mail here.
Do you like it? If you find this useful let me know & send me your new fancy pants email!

Friday, 30 April 2010

New ETSY Banner

When I first stumbled across Etsy, I thought it would be the perfect outlet to sell our greetings cards. With little knowledge of it's workings, I opened a little Made With Love Etsy shop on there & prepared myself for orders flooding in... it didn't quite work like that... I lost interest in updating the pages ... and the shop became empty, bare & clearly unloved. Why? I hear you ask...

Partly due to the success of our own website (I've had little time to spare for Etsy) an secondly: Lack of research! I hadn't thought out the site, got a feel for what Etsy was & just expected things to sell. Pretty much in the way that they do on our own website.

So with a extra helper at Made With Love (oo-er!) I am dedicating a little more time in building the shop up from scratch & starting out.

If you haven't heard of Etsy before head over - you won't be disappointed. It's a treasure trove filled with amazing finds for gifts and treats. All either handmade or vintage in style.

The shop is still bare but I re-did the shop banner at 5am this morning. Here it is - do you like it? More Etsy to follow...

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Oisin Byrne: Artist

2 things I love about this artist:
1. He is from Dublin & I love Dublin and
2. His use of colour is mind blowing for me.

I absolutely adore his origami work. So very talented. Check out his website.

Saturday, 24 April 2010


I'm totally loving this weather. Romantic ruffles are definately in order....
Inner Lace Detail Dress by Luphia Loves (a snip at only £34) Beautiful ruffle Bedding from Urban Outfitters $148 (only available from the US website... booo! But they do ship internationally, I checked. I'm buying this bed spread)

Whilst browsing their store & on the ruffle theme. Ruffle Shower Curtain. $68

Stunning ruffle wedding dress Futuro by Pronovias (found via Rock My Wedding- Check out there recent post 'Prettiest Dresses' for to die for dresses!)
And Caspe by Rosa Clara (image from Rock My Wedding)Pretty ruffle cushion by The Home Centric $18.85 (ship to the UK for $7). Check out their huge range of hand made cushions. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful! Too gorgeous... If you know of any ruffle lovelies, please do tell as I am planning an exciting vintage, ruffles & lace post.

Happy Weekend! x

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Lilly is Walking!

Worthy of a blog post indeed. Lilly is walking! She's 19 months but incredibly smart, attentive responsive. She just didn't want to walk! (Lilly & Daddy do Ikea)

Now that she can she's pretty smug about the whole thing.
Cute heart sunglasses from Next (£4.99)

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

New Website Background

The whole website is undergoing a huge makeover at the minute to allow the new shopping cart and payment gateway expected to launch from July 2010. This will streamline the ordering process for wedding stationery, Christening stationery & the new Event stationery pages and make it easier to place an order (a little like the ordering process on the greetings card website). Whilst all this technical stuff is going on, we couldn't resist a bit of cosmetic decorating with a beautiful new Brock wallpaper in the background. Do you like it?

Saturday, 17 April 2010

LOLA's Cupcakes

For a delicious lunchtime treat visit LOLA's Bakery, Mayfair, London for a delicious cupcake & coffee. Freshly baked every morning, using natural ingredients - their cupcake's really are divine. Comes highly recommended...Have you been before?

Friday, 16 April 2010

Pantone Rainbow Project

The other day I saw a rainbow. It was beautiful. It's end seemed to stop at my Lilly flower's nursery. She is my treasure. Check out this man made Pantone Rainbow found over on Christopher Bevan's blog. What patience... but what a result...

Thursday, 8 April 2010

A Nice Plaice... Designer Fish Bowl

Designer fish bowl designed by student Teddy Luong at Carlton University School of Design. These can be pre-ordered from Unica Home for the ultimate fishy home. Pretty cool huh?

Monday, 5 April 2010

Pantone Design Concepts

I don’t know what it is about Pantone Colours & their branding, but if you slap their label/logo onto practically anything, I am instantly smitten and want/need whatever it is. I love the simplicity & practicality of their design. No guess work involved.
This design concept of a range of Pantone cosmetics (designed by Renata Veiga found at lovely package) seriously needs to be pitched to Pantone. These would work amazingly well as eyeshadow palettes offering colours that compliment each other. Or what about these Pantone paints designed by Samy Halim ....
Beautiful don't you think?

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Luxury Collections 2010

We are extremely excited to introduce our most luxurious wedding stationery collections ever! Featuring specially imported lace, vintage brooches, luxury crystals, diamante clusters, sumptuous satins and pearls... our new collections really are something else. First to be unveiled this week is The Opulence Collection. A timeless vintage lace collection suitable for vintage inspired weddings, luxury themed weddings and available to personalise to suit your wedding colours. Opulence is truly beautiful and is going to be a huge hit for Brides looking for something a little bit special for their big day. Opulence Vintage Lace Wedding Invitations £5.40
Vintage Lace Evening Invitations £5.40
Boxed Vintage Wedding Invitations £5.90

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Flower Pot Holes

I've been driving more than usual this week and my poor little Audi has felt every single one of the damn pot holes on the roads. There are definitely more holes on the roads after the bad weather!

If only every pot hole was like this....

Exciting New Ribbons for 2010!

We're so excited to bring in (some) of our new colours for 2010. And this isn't even the half of it... we have so many more just waiting to arrive in. The new colours will be fully integrated into our wedding stationery collections, greetings cards as well as the new events stationery collection (arriving in August 2010).

Each week we're going to put one of our new colours 'in the spotlight'. In the spotlight next week is our 'Lemon Grass' ribbon - just in last week and we've already received a wedding order in using this stunning colour combi. Hope your loving the new colours as much as we are!
Images to follow...

Kiddy Furniture

Just had to blog about this amazing find. Australian furniture designers, Little Nest who design children's furniture in modern iconic styles of the 20th century.Beautiful mini versions for kids on the furniture design classics to compliment the modern home.
Recognise this... The Egg Chair Too cute! There isn't a store yet in the UK but I'll be there with bells on as soon as one opens up.