Saturday, 30 January 2010

MWL's Online Ranking

Image via Design Crush

A few weeks ago, whilst catching up with one of my favourite blogs, Coulson Macleod's Not For Squares, I was made aware of something I had never heard of before - Alexa Page Rankings

You can put any web address into their search function and it runs stats on that particular websites online presence to assess their traffic ranking. This is very cool if you run your own business & want to monitor your progress in terms of your online presence.

Today ranks 96,012 in the UK. That's pretty amazing - I'm shocked / over joyed / made up. In the world we rank 1,621,550. A pretty good rank (i'm told by my computer nerd friend) for a small business with the billions of websites out there.

Thank you world for all of your amazing support.

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