Friday, 30 April 2010

New ETSY Banner

When I first stumbled across Etsy, I thought it would be the perfect outlet to sell our greetings cards. With little knowledge of it's workings, I opened a little Made With Love Etsy shop on there & prepared myself for orders flooding in... it didn't quite work like that... I lost interest in updating the pages ... and the shop became empty, bare & clearly unloved. Why? I hear you ask...

Partly due to the success of our own website (I've had little time to spare for Etsy) an secondly: Lack of research! I hadn't thought out the site, got a feel for what Etsy was & just expected things to sell. Pretty much in the way that they do on our own website.

So with a extra helper at Made With Love (oo-er!) I am dedicating a little more time in building the shop up from scratch & starting out.

If you haven't heard of Etsy before head over - you won't be disappointed. It's a treasure trove filled with amazing finds for gifts and treats. All either handmade or vintage in style.

The shop is still bare but I re-did the shop banner at 5am this morning. Here it is - do you like it? More Etsy to follow...

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